Why do people shame women for having body hair?

self explanatory, girls get made fun off if they have hairy legs, arms, armpits, facial hair, stomach hair, back hair, chest hair, unkept eyebrows, hair on feet or hands... it's not fair.

It's not fair that woman have to spend time and money, shaving and waxing thier full body every few days.

Obviously, if you like to be hairless, then shave that's totally acceptable. But for people who's skin gets irritated by hair removal or they can't afford it or simply don't want to.. it bothers me that people call them unnattractive or dirty or weird for having hair.

simple fact before anyone says woman shouldn't have lots of body hair: if it wasn't supposed to grow there, it wouldn't.

And people will probably say "oh just don't listen to what people say" as if humans have no emotions and don't ger hurt by other people's words, they do.

And any "feminazi" hating comments can leave cause I'm literally just wondering the reason behind the Ignorance towards a literal body part that everyone has.
Why do people shame women for having body hair?
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