Do you think it's okay for places to do one day of "Women only"?

I saw Philip Defranco cover a story about it on his video today and I saw that a lot of people were angry in the comments.

Personally, I think it's fine. I just see it as a women gathering, like guys night out. I think if women are able to do this, men should be able to too without anyone having to go against the other.

Anyways the place Phil talked about is hosting a women's only day, where any women, especially those that identify as women can enter (A lot of people are making fun of it because of this.) Even the staff is only women.

I think that on normal days where everyone could go in, people usually stay more exclusive and keep more to themselves cause they don't really see it as a gathering as much as to just do whatever there. I also think some women find it easier to talk to each other when men aren't around, just as some men find it easier to talk to other guys when women aren't around.

On Valentine's day, if a restaurant did "couples only" for a day, would you be angry if you were single?

Was just wondering cause I don't really see it as something that offends me, but I wanna see why some people might disagree with it

Take it easy though. I'd just like to see some logical responses as to why and how you feel about it. There's no reason to make fun of anyone while doing so
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Do you think it's okay for places to do one day of "Women only"?
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