Chainsmokers opinion?

Apparently these two musicians who are in a group called the Chainsmokers are really popular right now... with their song Closer especially, Paris, and Something Just Like This.

all the girls at my school are obsessed with them & like a 1/4 of my class went to their concert... to be honest, don't see the big hype about them. Not that attractive, they do NOT have good singing voices if you watch their live performance with halsey you will see they are totally off pitch... and their songs all sound the same with some sort of electronic beat that could easily be plunked out on a cheap keyboard & they include the cliche beat drop

your opinions? I don't understand why people like them so much!!!
I love the Chainsmokers!!! Omg
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I like a few of their songs / kind of a fan
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Ehhhhhhh they are okay... I guess.
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I don't like them.
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I don't understand why people like them ; they are not talented.
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Chainsmokers opinion?
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