Should Waterloo Road season 1-10 be on Netflix?

Waterloo Road was a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later also on BBC Three. The school was set in Rochdale, England from series one until the end of series seven, and from the beginning of series eight until the end of the show in series ten, the school was set in Greenock, Scotland. In 2014, it was confirmed that the 10th series of Waterloo Road would be the last. The first episode was broadcast on BBC One on 9 March 2006 and the final episode on BBC Three on 9 March 2015. Waterloo Road ran for 10 series, 200 episodes and exactly 9 years. Reruns air on CBS Drama in the UK. As of May 2017 Series One episodes have been uploaded to the Waterloo Road YouTube channel.

We think Waterloo Road should be on Netflix by the end of this year if it's bought by Netflix from BB
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Should Waterloo Road season 1-10 be on Netflix?
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