Anyone else think it's stupid that police officers can fire on a dog if it moves?

So I get if the dog is attacking them or acting like they are going to attack them. But let's face it if a someone comes into their yard or in to their house in general and they don't know the dog is most likely going to bark and check the person out if it's a dog that's meant to be a guard. dogs like a Rottweiler or pitbull or Doberman pinscher or a German Shepherd it's probably going to bark mabye start circling the intruder and possibly attack in the German Shepherd's case it probably will attack. Let's face it dogs don't know the difference between law-enforcement and a burger. but if the cops come into your yard and your dogs out side and they bark at The officer or does anything besides lie there they can legally shoot the dog. Anybody else find this absolutely ridiculous once again if the dog is going to attack them then the officer has the right to shoot my dog would most likely start trying to get pets from the officer or anyone coming in the house might even approach them with the ball in his mouth. The eight officers are acting lately is unacceptable and inexcusable to definitely people, and animals are like. If you or any one you know it is an officer please ask questions before you shoot. The Castile incident shouldn't have happened and should never happen again. Or here's a better idea if there is a dog in the yard and the police need to investigate why not call the owner or come to the owners house before entering someone's property.
Anyone else think it's stupid that police officers can fire on a dog if it moves?
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