Sweden wants to deport an Iranian refugee because she's Christian?



So a woman who fled Iran after seeing someone stoned to death, seeks refuge in Sweden, who bends over backward to help Muslim refugees, and is denied because sanctuary because she's a Christian instead of Muslim. Sound right to anyone? Anyone?
The UN and Sweden both have policies stating that a person seeking asylum and facing imminent danger cannot be deported back to their countries but they choose not to help this women? She's an actress, Aideen Strandsson. She would very likely torture, rape and possibly death in an Iranian prison for converting to Christianity. How can a government fight so hard to protect former terrorists and turn their back on another because of her Christian faith? Anyone still think things in Sweden are just fine and dandy?
Here are some other links to the story since some of you crazy libs thing anything printed on The Blaze is right wing propaganda. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4210771/iranian-actress-who-converted-to-christianity-now-faces-prison-after-asylum-bid-rejected-by-sweden/
Sweden wants to deport an Iranian refugee because she's Christian?
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