Do men need a #metoo movement?

Recently in the UK there has been a number of cases of the police hiding evidence which defends men accused of rape including text from the "victims" in some cases telling friends they were going to falsely accuse an ex in order to get them back for a messy break up or "moving on too quick".

Currently the accusers found lying are both allowed to keep lifelong anonymity and also face no prosecutions for making the story up while the men have often had to live through years of being an accused rapist before the case makes court with pictures of them circulated everywhere before an ounce of guilt is proven.

Seemingly the only reason police are so keen to prosecute even innocent men for rape is because the conviction rate for rape accusations is very low (somewhere around 8%) which doesn't make for a good advert for police competence.

Don't think anyone would disagree this is ridiculous but the question is does anyone think that men and society in general need to shout a bit louder when situations like this arise? Although the #metoo movement in Hollywood has certainly got its detractors, it seems to be making a change and raising awareness so does this need to happen more with situations involving men?
Do men need a #metoo movement?
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