Why does the British regime want people to turn against Russia now?

I dont believe in coincidences. Certainly not in Politics. And definitely not in British or American politics.

Zoom out, and the main events are these:

Russia gets the World Cup bid - an extraordinary decision to uphold, given the violence by Russian hooligans in France 2016. And the Russian doping scandal that banned Russia from competing at the Olympics and other tournaments.

The World Cup is due to be hosted by Russia this year. England have qualified (somehow).

Around 2 1/2 months before the World Cup is due to start, the British dictatorship suddenly accuses the Russian govt of two murders in Britain. They do so without a shred of evidence.
They go so far as to say this may be 'an attack by Russia on our country'.

They then refuse to attend the World Cup in a ceremonial capacity - and continue to villify Russia with absurd allegations ('they fixed Brexit' etc).

They eject diplomats/spies from Britain, causing Russia to reciprocate. Theresa May is right now on a tour of countries on the continent, trying to turn their leaders against Russia.

There has been a bizarre lack of buildup to the World Cup in the British media such as the govt-run BBC. Almost as if they know England aren't going to go.

Why now? It looks very likely to me that Russia will refuse entry to the England squad for the World Cup, as a reaction to this ridiculous anti-Russian witch hunt. Which is Precisely what the British regime Want. England is the original footballing nation, and refusing their national team entry to the World Cup, is the single easiest cultural way to turn everybody in the country against the Russian Federation. Russia WC2018 is the perfect opportunity for false-flag operations and other galvinising artificial scandals. Its just paradise for psyops. But what do they hope to gain from that?

Why does the British regime want people to turn against Russia now?
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