Do you trust CNN?

CNN recently attacked it's ad-revenue competitor YouTube (a content aggregator that hosts 1 billion hours of viewership per day) through highlighting the way that ads can be featured through it's algorithm on extremist content. Of the extremist content, they list pro-nazi/north korean propaganda, pro-pedophilia content, & 'conspiracy theorists', all at the same time.

I don't know about you, but in a post Gulf Of Tonkin America, I don't necessarily demonize anyone with a conspiracy theory on the basis of those who propagate 'lizard people' & 'gay frogs'. More importantly, they attacked anti-war progressive youtuber Jimmy Dore, a comedian who hosts a comedy show that mocks & ridicules the mainstream media.

Dore was listed among the likes of Alex Jones for merely stating the same level of skepticism that Rand Paul had done only shortly beforehand on CNN itself of claims that Assad's regime in Syria was directly involved in chemical attacks on civilians.

Some videos analyzing the article from the progressive youtube channels The Young Turks & Rational National:
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Do you trust CNN?
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