Why is nobody talking about the Indonesian bombing?

Somehow, if England or France were under attack, the entire world weeps. But if a third world country (insignificant, huh?) were to be under attack, there is absolutely no mention about it on here. Doesn't it reach the news in your countries?

Anyway, I happen to be one of the Christian minorities from this country, a country that I can't call "home" because I don't feel welcomed there. Today's incident further proves my point. And this incident (or these incidents) happened in my hometown, where I grew up in. My family could've been there. It could've been the church that my family attends every Sunday morning that they attacked. And the world seems to not give a single fucking shit. Cause who cares about Indonesia, right? A muslim third-world developing country...

Anyway, just in case any of you cares... here's the most recent news
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Another bombing this morning... in a police station. Same city
Why is nobody talking about the Indonesian bombing?
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