Do my beliefs make me a terrible person?

I've been part of the BOYscouts of America since 1st grade and a lot has changed. About 1-3 years ago they added the lion Cubs which allows kindergartners into scouting (usually went from first grade to fifth, then boyscouts was end of 5th to age 18.) And I thought that is perfectly fine because it lets younger kids get involved.
I have been reading lately about the allowing of girls into boyscouts, and it is just completely bothering me. From what I have read, in 2000, the BSA was granted rights from the supreme Court to deny access to gay leaders, and I support that. Some people consider me homophobic, but I just don't believe in gay marriage or any of that ( I'm not very religious, but I believe God created us to love people of the opposing gender). However I am not against it, if you are gay, go ahead, nothing is stopping you, just please don't think you are more special than others just because you love someone of the same gender. And in 2015 when gay marriage was legalized, that right went away slowly.
I personally do not like the idea of girls and Women being part of the BOYscouts of America, because they have their own organization: the GIRLscouts of America. I know of some girls in Girlscouts and they have said it is not as good and they do not receive as high of honors as boyscouts do, but I believe they should do this one thing: CHANGE GIRLSCOUTS, make the Girlscouts a better place where you can recieve higher honors, do not try and force yourself into Boyscouts. And for the people who say: "just make a co-ed scouting program", well they do have one. This co-ed group is called venturing scouts, and they are open to girls and boys of ages 14-20.
Sorry for this mega rant, but give me your imput please.
What is your opinion on the boyscouts of America allowing girls in?
What is your opinion on Gay marriage?
Do my beliefs make me a terrible person?
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