Do you have to be a liberal to believe that Daniel Shaver was murdered?


I won't post the video. It is too disgusting. But I wanted to make a point about the weird silly nutty political conversation we are having at this site and in many places around the U. S. and the World. Daniel Shaver was shot by police after being drunk and fooling around with his air rifle. I guess he was trying to scare people by pointing it outside his hotel window. Well, the police arrived and they have him literally crawling on his hands and knees. They give him all kinds of contradictory instructions. They warn him repeatedly that they will shoot him. He gets shot because he reaches down to his waist. Presumably to pull up his pants, since he is on his knees crawling. Officer Phillip Brailsford was found not guilty of second degree murder. So I want to know, has the political conversation in this nation become so nutty that all the supposed conservatives think this was the correct verdict and all the supposed liberals disagree? Or are we smarter and more nuanced than that?

"Eventually, Shaver was ordered to put his hands up in the air and not to bring them down for any reason, and then crawl on his knees towards them. Police Sergeant Charles Langley yelled at Shaver that if he did anything that deviated from his instructions he would shoot him and he probably would not survive. While complying with their request, the intoxicated Shaver could be heard sobbing, begging officers, "Please do not shoot". Shaver subsequently appeared to lose his balance and reach his right hand behind him, at which point Langley can be heard yelling "Do not!" while officer Phillip Brailsford simultaneously opened fire with his AR-15 rifle, striking Shaver five times and killing him almost instantly. Shaver was unarmed."

You can watch the video at the link.
Do you have to be a liberal to believe that Daniel Shaver was murdered?
Yes, only liberals would think this was wrong.
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Do you have to be a liberal to believe that Daniel Shaver was murdered?
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