I don't get it. What do Trump supporters want?

Things are just getting weird. More and more I am seeing Trump supporters claim that "supposed liberals" should be civil. I don't get it. I mean, I do get it on one level. Trump supporters are the definition of hypocrisy. They can advocate for violence or stand by while their leader advocates violence. They can hurl insults and call people names or stand by while their leader does. But if you are going to promote uncivil behavior or be silent while it takes place in your name, you can't scream foul when people are not civil with you.
These are direct quotes. Look them up on youtube for yourself.
These are direct quotes. Look them up on youtube for yourself.

This debate has taken a weird turn. Remember when you guys mocked "supposed liberals" (well actually still do) for being snowflakes and advocating for civil discussion? That's why you guys voted for Trump, right? He defied the "norms" for debate. He called people names, attacked people personally, and it worked. Unfortunately, there are consequences for that conduct. Even if you don't share his ideals on communication, you know other followers will. They live and breath on whatever that man gives them. They are not Republicans. They are not Conservatives. They don't have some separate set of ideals or principles. They believe in Trump. They will get violent and they will not be civil.

And supposed liberals are snowflakes if they try to do the MLK thing and turn the other cheek, right? So what do you expect? There will be violent confrontations. The only person capable of getting people to respond to violence with civility was violently murdered half a century ago. We have no real leader advocating for civil discussion and calm debate. Nor is that even considered to be a virtue or the ideal.

Our entire political discourse is now a screaming violent mess. And I thought this was exactly what you wanted.

In actuality, it was what someone else wanted. He got his way. And that "he" is not trump.

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I don't get it. What do Trump supporters want?
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