What do you think of this headline?

Cammy137 s
What comes to mind when you see a news headline such as this?
Detailed answers are appreciated!
What do you think of this headline?
I'm glad that psychedelics are being used to their full potential!
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I view psychadelics as harmful and they should never be used for any purpose!
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1 y
Yeah I'm fully aware of hows its done. I'm a graduate and I did research methods for each of the four years of my degree.

I wasn't saying that it was ready
for releasing to the public but rather that it is showing progress. I mean its a start that such drugs are even being tested at all.

And you're right. Headlines like this can lead people to have a false understanding of drug trials.
1 y
Sorry for that update! It was meant as a reply to @sputkaas
What do you think of this headline?
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