Which of these Ghanaian villages' names do you think is the funniest?

Nobody could keep a straight face in Ghana's parliament when MP John Frimpong Osei began listing the names of some villages in his constituency that included references to genitals. Names in the Twi language like "Vagina is Wise" and "Penis is a Fool" left lawmakers in fits of giggles. This video clip from Thursday shows Mr Frimpong Osei mentioning Etwe nim Nyansa, Kote ye Aboa and Shua ye Morbor:

The MP was asking when these areas would get access to electricity. "Providing them with electricity may interfere with nocturnal activities," joked Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko. The minister added, in earnest, that a survey would be conducted into how the villages in Abirem constituency in Eastern Region could be connected to the national grid.

Here are the English translations for the Twi names:

Etwe nim Nyansa - "Vagina is Wise"
Kote ye Aboa - "Penis is a Fool"
Shua ye Morbor - "Testicles are Sad".

The villages were virtually unknown until they were listed in parliament today - and they've left many wondering about the origins of the names. In Ghana, the names of settlements are normally given by the first settlers in those communities, and are drawn from the life experiences of those individuals. So, which of them do you think is the funniest name? And which of these villages' back-stories do you feel might be the most amusing?
Etwe nim Nyansa ('Vagina is Wise')
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Kote ye Aboa ('Penis is a Fool')
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Shua ye Morbor ('Testicles are Sad')
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Which of these Ghanaian villages' names do you think is the funniest?
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