Your take on the Israel-Palestine situation?

Here’s my unbiased opinion on this (I’m a Muslim Arabian woman who lives in the west (non-Palestinian)):

While I do believe that what the Israeli soldiers are doing to the Palestinians are wrong, I do believe that Jerusalem does belong both Israel and Palestine (but mostly Israel)

And here’s why:
1. The land of Israel (which includes Jerusalem obviously) always belonged to the Israelites/the
people of Moses. In the bible/Torah/Quran, it is mentioned that Canaan or Israel was the promised land. Just like China belongs to the ethnic Chinese.
2. The Quran does not talk about Jerusalem.
3. Jews = Jerusalem, Muslims = Mecca & Medina (in the aspect of important cities.)
5. Israelites were/are native to the Gaza Strip/Israel area. Arabs came much later. Note that Judaism was the first religion, then came Christianity, then came Islam in the 7th century.

Much respect to the Palestinians who have to go through tremendous suffering bc of this conflict.
At the same time, we must take the time to understand both sides to the story.

I think that Israel/Palestine should just ignore the differences and continue living in harmony, because after all, the Holy land belongs to God and God only (if you’re religious.)
Your take on the Israel-Palestine situation?
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