Have you ever been through a tornado event?

Tis the season in North America’s heartland for brutal, brutal storms.

Insurers have recently decided that they’d rather take the risk of hurricanes over random massive EF5 tornadoes or just massive hail damage because hurricanes are more predictable.

This is certainly a change in pace.

I've only had light encounters with hail. Golfball sized hail hit my person about two years ago and it hurt and left bruises.

San Antonio, Texas recently had SOFTBALL size hail last year which was a freak event as the area isn’t prone to hail. They’d really only maybe seen golfball hail once.

Imagine taking a grapefruit ice ball to the head? Scary stuff.

But I've never seen a tornado. I saw funnel clouds in the one hail storm and was afraid.

Tell me your tales of actual big storm encounters. And no not the ones sitting on the porch.
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Have you ever been through a tornado event?
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