Did anyone hear that the caravan tried to shut down the asylum entry?

This is getting to be a mad house from what I am learning. More coming, more chaos!
Haha No girls who even dare to care here.


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  • It was in the news for a couple days now. The first arrivals were in Tijuana over the weekend. Climbing the wall, to sit on top taunting officials. The kinds of immigrants we all crave... lol

    • Haha I am hearing too that Tijuana is going nuts. But I think as of now, the asylum is being double bad barbed wired with cutting edges. It's a mad house all over.

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    • @masterkey18- poor goaded, he thinks if he didn’t hear about it, it must not have happened... lol

    • Haha I heard Paris say here about a stampede which I am in no doubt is true, @Girther10

  • yeah. funny how certain people on here constantly post as though they know so much about the situations in the United States but then they don't even know that the first parts of the caravan reached the border several days ago now. They were planning to rush the border. So much for legally entering, huh? lol.

    • Haha I knew this, I posted this a few days back.
      I keep up with any new news, fella.

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    • @Girther10 Re: your opinion: No, I think that if you can show any evidence, it probably didn't happen.

    • They are ready no With What I am seeing as a "STAMPEDE."xx

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