How do you feel about Cardi B and Offsets public relationship drama?

I understand that a lot of people might want to just say "its not my business" and "who cares about this celebrity drama" but I feel like I can personally relate to what Cardi B is going through. Although not on the same level since I'm not a public figure nor have I ever been married or had kids. But its hard to watch a woman who has been cheated on getting so much BACKLASH and criticism because of her decision to leave. a lot of guys and even some women think that offsets apology and his willingness to publicly prove he is "sorry" means that Cardi B should take offset back. But what hurts a lot of good people is the fact that no good person would put their partner in that kind of position IN THE FIRST PLACE. I have personally dealt with being manipulated and bashed by outsiders looking in and by the guy I had been dealing with some time ago because I did love him and I didn't want to hurt him. But he was hurting ME. Too many times good people, men and woman, get into relationships and the other person will think just because they know they fucked up, that means that you should try again. But it doesn't take a million fuck ups for a GOOD person to realize that they should not do anything to hurt their partner. Leaving them hurts and seeing them sad hurts, but what hurts even more is knowing that they did something to hurt YOU and they are falling into the victim role now as they try to urge you to come back. I have heard "I want to kill myself" "Im depressed" "I need you" etc and I believed it. Because at the time I knew that my ex boyfriend had personal problems outside of what me and him were going through. I knew that what he was going through was hard on him, and I didn't want to think about hurting him by leaving him in a time where I FELT like he needed me and he claimed to need me. But with maturity I realize that half assed love isn't worth the time. Prayers for Cardi B, regardless of her celebrity status or her past, nobody deserves to go through that.
How do you feel about Cardi B and Offsets public relationship drama?
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