Okay car guys, some help?

I'm getting a 92 or 93 thunderbird and it has well let's say a few problems. You can start it without a key, just turn the key thing with your hand and it'll start. You have to climb in through the passenger door because the drivers door doesn't unlock once you lock it and you have to manually unlock it. It runs good but after pushing on the gas it stalls a little. The seatbelt thing where it goes forward, only works on passenger side and not the drivers. Also, the battery will die if it's left hooked up after 2 or 3 days and the seller thinks there's an electrical short somewhere but he hasn't really driven it. Any advice? Is it worth it to buy for 400?
1 y
Haha thanks guys, I decided to not get it, the key thing and door thing was just too risky
Okay car guys, some help?
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