Should I get pregnant at 18?

This isn't a troll, I'm serious. I've helped raise three kids from babies and I have 4 other siblings who I've helped raise. I know how to take care of a kid and I know the costs and what to buy and all that. I really want one of my own and I'm going to have one at some point. The question is whether I should at 18 or wait.
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1 y
And I wouldn't just be getting knocked up, it would be at a sperm bank probably or with someone I was with who I wouldn't be asking child support from or anything, he probably wouldn't even be on the birth certificate
1 y
Why do I need to get married? If I need help I have family to ask. I don't need to be in marriage and I wouldn't be depriving a kid of a father, I'm still planning on being in a relationship later on
Should I get pregnant at 18?
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