What are your thoughts on this weird little bitch?


Personally I think he was so full of himself because of his upbringing and who his father was. He thought because he had a nice car, and expensive clothing or accessories that women would flock over to him.

For one. He a scrawny little punk boy.

Two the way he talks proves that he is just not confident at all. Talks incredibly awkward to a camera so shit I can imagine how it is when he talked to a girl.

This right here gentlemen is the prime example of the kind of guy you DON’T wanna be. We all get rejected. It’s part of life, but for the love of god don’t be like this kid.

I used to be incredibly shy growing up. And I also lost my virginity kinda late and at the same age this kid was when he decided to do what he did...

But I man’d up. Starting taking care of my body, swallowed a confidence pill & began to take notes as to what works for other guys and kept track to what things I was doing that wasn’t working.

Alright, I went off ona tangent 😂 I’ll leave it at that
What are your thoughts on this weird little bitch?
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