Notre Dame Cathedral Fire. Spectacular Coincidence Or Something Else?

Have to say that was one of the most painful things I've ever watched live on television.

But I do have to make this comment.

In recent years, France, like most of the rest of the European countries has been suffering from the same cancer of Islamic terrorist activity as most of the rest of the world. Things have been getting worse and worse there as France lets more Muslims into their country and like the rest of Europe seems determined to self destruct.

In recent years, the number of attacks on Catholics by Muslim terrorists including attacks on Catholic churches has been growing rapidly.

Within 10 seconds of reporting about this fire the French authorities were assuring us "It's not caused by a terrorist act." Uh-huh. And how could they possibly know that so fast?

Isn't it a fantastic coincidence that during one of the holiest weeks of the year for Catholics, in a time when Islamic terrorist attacks on Catholics and their churches is growing geometrically in France, one of the most iconic Catholic churches in the world suddenly bursts into flames after 800 years of surviving everything from the French Revolution to the Nazi invasion?

Uh-huh. It wouldn't be the first time European Islamo-apologists proclaimed it not a terrorist attack within seconds only for the world later to find out that it actually was. We'll see.
Notre Dame Cathedral Fire. Spectacular Coincidence Or Something Else?
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