Could I have anymore bad luck?

I have a new mower I can't find belts for because Troy-bilt sucks as a company. Then my truck goes out, I took it in for repair and just before I could get it in a parking spot. They tell me they will push it in. They call me the next morning asking If I got the truck, I said how could I? It won't move forward. So , it was stolen , I said how could you steal a truck that doesn't work? Anyway , it turned out it was towed away and they brought it back. Don't know how much to fix it yet.

I am down to my back up mower , this is my worse start ever.

Could anyone have worse luck?
1 y
Update : I still don't have mower back , it is fixed but guy won't bring it back. My truck is still in shop.

Guy who fixes mowers lied over and over. I called a guy I used to get Toro parts from and it took me 3 days to get belts and I took them to him. I think that pissed him off and he won't return mower.

I am thinking about reporting mower stolen to the police , I have no other choices to handle it. He agreed to pick up and bring mower back.

I will be using someone else
Could I have anymore bad luck?
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