Have you ever been catcalled at?

At first, I always thought it confusing when women would complain about it. I was 12 or so and having never been complimented on my body or even had a guy interested in me, I was always so confused because they should be happy they were getting compliments. I mean, why would anyone every reject someone telling them what an amazing body they had? And then it happened to me. I was 13 and wearing a pair of shorts for the first time in a while (I had been struggling with my self esteem for a bit.) I was just walking along the road, going to hang out with my friend at the park and this man stopped and yelled at me. It wasn't some mild thing either - it was quite a bit of 'nice a**' among other various things. I didn't even get my period until I was almost 14, I still looked like I was 10 at this time and this man stopped to tell me how much he wanted to fu** me. I didn't even start crying until I walked back home, it hadn't seemed like a compliment and it was more like I was some object for him to thrust his sexual desires on. Being only 13, i must say that experience has never left my mind and while I've had others, that was the worst.
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Have you ever been catcalled at?
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