The 'dumbening' of society... are you worried?


Do you ever feel depressed about the bigotry, racism, sexism, trolls, diminishing skill of objective critical thinking and reasonable analysis, and the seemingly lack of self control of some others to really listen and discuss important global and societal affairs? How much do you think stupidity is bringing down the collective average?

IQ Scores Are Falling in "Worrying" Reversal of 20th Century Intelligence Boom.
"An analysis of... IQ test results reveals scores peaked for people born during the mid-1970s, and has significantly declined ever since."
"The causes and change is not due to genetics. It's not that dumb people are having more kids than smart people, to put it crudely. It's something to do with environmental factors. These factors could include changes in the education system, social media, toxic chemical exposure, poor nutrition, reading less, and a shift in our habits and activities."

Honestly, maybe there's nothing to say about it. I just feel sad about it sometimes.Will, 'Good Will Hunting'. He may have been a genius, but he has a good point here.
Yes, it's disturbing and makes me sad sometimes.
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Couple more stats...

It takes 400 9th grade boys, or 2000 9th grade girls, to produce one PHD scientist.

"We’ve habituated ourselves into a perpetual cognitive style of outrage, by internalising the dynamics of the medium, distorting the way we view politics but, over time, may be changing the way we think, making us less rational and more impulsive." (I copied this from somewhere but don't have the author's name to credit it, sorry.)
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Dunning-Krüger Effect:
A phenomenon observed in the 1930s by English philosopher Bertrand Russell whereby the worst performers tend to overestimate their performance, and top performers tend to underestimate. Or said another way, fools and fanatics are often so certain of themselves, while wiser people are full of doubts.
The 'dumbening' of society... are you worried?
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