Are you depressed and having suicidal thoughts?

It has been 2 days I keep hearing on the radio about a Korean kpop star who committed suicide. She was being bullied online and became depressed.

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When I heard the news, all I can think of is g@g members here who maybe experiencing the exact same thing. I've read some of your mytakes about depression and it is indeed depressing to read.

If you are going through the same thing, please talk to someone about it. You don't need to suffer alone. Get in touch with suicide prevention lifeline in your country.

Go to this site if you really need help:
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"There are two different sources of depression. Endogenous depression is a chronic condition, probably inherited, in which the depression in not related to current life events. Such depression requires lifetime treatment and often responds to antidepressant medications, so someone with endogenous depression needs to consult with a psychiatrist.

Reactive depressions occur in response to current life events." In this situation, the person can consult with a mental health counselor.
Are you depressed and having suicidal thoughts?
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