Would you 'virginity test' your daughter (s)?

For boys, I would assume it would be trusting their answer but with girls, a real procedure can be done to insure the hymen is intact. However, the hymen isn't necessarily a factor in who is a virgin or not. It can be broken in regular activities or even stay intact their entire life. If you have a daughter, or already do, do you plan on having them go through this procedure?
Yes, I plan on it/I already have.
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Eh, it depends on what type of lifestyle they have, ex. extreme promiscuity, etc.
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No, they have a right to their privacy.
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For some reason, some of you think I'm okay with this. For those curious, I'm not. I'm extremely against this and I consider it abuse. I was only asking because of that rapper who had made news by saying he takes his daughter for yearly checks.
Would you 'virginity test' your daughter (s)?
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