Due to this mans age, should he be tried for attempted murder or let him go because he is old?

WATCH: 93 Year-Old Man Shoots Apartment Manager in Both Legs

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have released video of a 93-year-old man shooting his apartment manager reportedly over water damage.

On January 2, 2020 at approximately 9:10 a. m. LVMPD Dispatch received a call of a person armed with a firearm near the 4000 block of West Viking Road. An employee advised that an irate resident was inside the apartment complex office confronting an employee.

As officers arrived on scene, they heard gunfire coming from the office. They confronted the suspect who was armed with a handgun inside the office. An officer fired one round at the suspect but did not strike him. The suspect placed the firearm down, was taken into custody and transported to UMC as a precaution. Officers located a maintenance employee suffering from multiple gunshot wounds inside the office. The victim was transported to UMC Trauma with non-life-threatening injuries. **Editors Note**: I dont want to hear any 2nd Amendment nutjob about gun rights, or the other supporters. This man fired at someone, wounded him, then attempted to shoot at police officers.
Yes. He is old. He should be released. He feared for his life
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No. He should be jailed and tried like everyone else because of his age
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No. Let him go. he is old and frail. Let him use his gun at the next bingo game.
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He feared for his life. He had to shoot! The manager wanted his Bingo and Slots Money!
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to the douche who said yes to him fearing for his life.. Did he look threatened?
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and a female can be added to the pile. WHERE DOES HE FEAR FOR HIS LIFE? Is his bingo money being taken or slots? Did someone threaten to take his Jimmy Durante records away?
Due to this mans age, should he be tried for attempted murder or let him go because he is old?
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