Do you consider this to be animal cruelty?

Do you consider this to be animal cruelty?
or there are some people who exagerates and take things to the extreme just to make a commotion and be noticed but they dont see things objectively. similar to environmentalists.
Where I live (not in the US) during the year there are some local festivals in differents areas of the country. The festivals lasts like 6 days or one week some. The local festivals include local horse parades, meals, kids games, cpncerts, and other different social activities of the area during those days of the festival.
Last weekend there ws a local festival in a rural town called Santa Cruz The city has been experiencing for several days a great celebration of the National Typical Festivals that are held in this community with several traditional events and typical of this province for the enjoyment of all its people..
Thousands and thousands of people have been present to enjoy food , bullfights and international concerts ,

However, not everything was a celebration, since it has been almost a tradition in any of these events "typical of our culture" in which animals are involved, the mistreatment of these beings was the order of the day this Sunday morning.

In this particular case of this festival there was a donkey that was painted in the face with some water paint, the mule owner painted one of her eyes
The donkey shown was part of a "traditional" activity known as the "party donkey" and was in charge of walking through the streets of the community while her owner was handing out liquor to those who approached the donkey. The paint used on the animal as a way of ridiculing it for the enjoyment of those present has caused great indignation on social networks, where people lament animal abuse and call for actions by the authorities so that these facts are not repeated or confused as "culture". So now some cruelty advocates in my country are condomning this and they beleive it was a animal cruelty to have painted the donkey in the
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face while the guy was handling liquor to the people surrounding him in the streets. The animal was not physical harmed.

One person commented the photo and said this and I quote the words: " "But the animal is not suffering any physical harm or if... how will the horse know that it is being "ridiculed" if the horse does not have cognitive reasoning like a human being? the horse is not capable of understanding a concept like shame because it does not reason. Here the only thing that can be..
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be done is to make sure that nothing compromises the physical health of the animal"
The advocates says even if it is not physical harm the animal could had suffered stress becaue they are exposed to different situations and heat on a hot day. This kind of horse parades are done in the day due to the sunny countrys weather and go to the streets.
Do you consider this to be animal cruelty?
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