Do you still think the flu is worse than the coronavirus?

At the end of last month / the beginning of this month i was warning that the coronavirus was an escaped lab experiment instead of a seafood market thing (Because i knew they had this specific virus and experimented with it) and that the media was Underselling it by claiming it was just a flu and it was being contained and there was nothing to worry about. Some people on this site mocked me for saying the media was underselling the issue, claiming they instead where overhyping it because nothing would happen it was not as bad as the flu, they had seen multiple scares and of course it would not really cause an issue for them.

Now its a month later and what i predicted had come true (although with delay given my initial 2 week source was not accurate as it turned out to be 1 month) with the virus now showing where it was a month ago with apparently Italy being heavily infected all along, 18% chance of getting deadly symptoms that need hospitalized care, confirmation people where bitten by bats in the lab and of course the kind of spread i knew would happen since it was obvious to me long ago.

So once again, like i warned last month take care as if its already in your region and make sure you have enough food supply to last food shortages. It can take weeks before someone is healed and you are not fully immune to the disease afterwards. This can last a while before the world supply stabalizes.
Yup, and you are an idiot for believing otherwise
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Sorry for doubting you Sawno
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I also immediately believed the coronavirus was a legitimate threat
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1 y
Looks like the majority has not yet learned, US officials and main stream media are officially warning to prepare yourself for shortages now. So absolute last chance.
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How about now given Italy considers letting the elderly die due to hospital bed limitations?
Do you still think the flu is worse than the coronavirus?
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