Are you fed up with this Coronavirus panic?

I live in the United States in New York, the news is making people go crazy over something that already existed and is less deadly than the flu! Literally wiping down subways and train stations and having special programs go to schools to teach about cleaning with Lysol products, and it’s not going to help one bit prevent it spreading. and what about the flu people the government dropped that quick despite the flu shots being less and less effective each year, all they are doing is mutating the virus quicker making new strains, stop!!!
With any disease the very young, old, or compromised immune systems are always going to have to be more careful and are at more of a risk and because of that many if not all cases of deaths you hear are from that, or people in third world countries that don’t have proper medical care.
You don’t hear about flu deaths anymore or ensephalitis or swine flu pandemic yet it still exists and that’s because it’s never going to be eliminated. Coronavirus has always been around, it’s a new strain they discovered but that happens naturally over time anyway, panicking isn’t helping.
You know what makes me most mad, I cannot buy Lysol cleaning products or rubbing alcohol because no stores sell them people see them and buy the whole shipment!!! Now if people are sick how the hell are they going to clean the house? Or simply want a clean house but can’t find these products? I have pets and little kids and sick or not I’m always cleaning after them and now I cannot clean properly because of this madness!
Are you fed up with this Coronavirus panic?
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