What events are next up on chopping block due the covid 19 virus ?

note i live in North America , aware a lot of things have already been cancelled in Europe , here its still unclear what is going ahead and what will be delayed , postponed or cancelled this year.

music festivals would seem like an obvious casualty , as they bring together large crowds of people who come from a wide area , 1000's of people crammed into small concert venues does not seem like a way to contain the virus

gay pride parades may also has to be put off this year , also bring together large crowds and people from many areas into smaller areas , a lot of social interactions which could spread the virus

we also have professional sports. NBA and NHL are a few weeks away from the end of the regular season , typically playoffs start in late April , NBA has already warned teams they may need to play in empty arena's if things don't settle down. and the county where the San Jose Sharks ( NHL team ) play just banned mass gatherings until end of March which means arena cannot allow fans in for remainder of season and team will have to play in a empty arena

MLB is also scheduled to resume play in April , is currently preseason games in florida , its unclear if regular season will start as scheduled
What events are next up on chopping block due the covid 19 virus ?
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