Am I Being Stupid (#COVID19)?

Universities all over Scotland are closing, however I fear that mine won't, or will be one of the last to.
One of my parents is in the high risk category. I'm not prepared to travel all the way there and possibly risk carrying it and passing it onto them. And another reason I don't want to go, my brother works off shore in Dubai so we have no idea if when he next goes out, when he'll actually get home.. If he presents symptoms whilst away, will he have to stay or how quickly will he get home?
I feel like for safety I'd rather stay in my town where I know there's at most 1 case, if that. Am I being silly to skip class for this or should they understand the situation I'm in?
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My uni finally announced closure last week. Loads of pupils panicking for no reason which was very unfair. Also, my sibling is also in the high risk group, so if my uni was still open, I still wouldn't have gone up. Appreciate the responses were pretty much unanimous! Scary how quickly numbers are jumping here!
Am I Being Stupid (#COVID19)?
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