Are you feeling greedy to buy investments now?

Stock Markets are way down, are you feeling greedy to buy stocks or are you scared, looking to raise funds?
Goverment is working on bailout and stop gap measures.
Federal Reserve is printing up 1.5 TRILLION...

if you are buying, what do you think is a good investment?

I have no idea if it goes down 50% from here, or up or what. But when things are on discount... is a good time to consider buying or planning for such.

This post is not invetment advice, talk to your Dr. Lawyer, accountant, psycghologist and tax planner for investment advice.
Greed... buy
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Fear, sell as soon as I can... ahhhhhh!!!
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What is an investment?
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I have no money to buy nor ability.
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Are you feeling greedy to buy investments now?
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