Coronavirus and hysteria?

A few things

1. Coronavirus will go away.
For all those people, who think coronavirus will go away, it won't. It's a flu hence the strain will always remain just like Influenza. Other epidemics like Ebola and Swine Flu are still around. Coronavirus will also be around but will get limited to few individual cases, maybe around colder months.

2. Shutdown doesn't help
Shutting down the country and causing social isolation for more than a few weeks isn't feasible or possible. Eventually people will realize than they can no longer sit at home and do nothing except self isolate and things will have to start moving forward. People still have to pay rent, have enough food supplies, make money, do work/studies etc.

3. Death rates
The virus isn't deadly like SARS or Spanish Flu. The death toll is exaggerated and is caused by the media creating fear, panic and hysteria as they love numbers. People who have actually died are people above 70 or young people with compromised immune systems.

4. It isn't increasing
Media reports that its reaching its peak or it's an outbreak. No it's not. It's simply more people being tested and found to be positive. It's not an continous outbreak. The more people are tested, the higher chance of finding out who has the infection. The disease can go unnoticed as some people maybe asymptomatic.

Some well made videos describing the virus and the effects whether psychological or physical.
Coronavirus and hysteria?
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