My sister is getting paranoid with this virus and she is making me paranoid and tense as well, What should I do?

I dont know if we all have to be this paranoid My sister is starting to beleive there wotn be a solution. My sister is married and she lives in her house with her husband, they are not getting out o f the house not even to buy groceries. Each day she is filling me and my brother with messages and messages and messages about the precautions of this virus at home or when we go out and advise us not to even go out if possible. My sister is concerned due to the fact that our mom is a elder woman and of course she is the fragile citizen in this crisis. My mo has not gone outu of the house for the past week, she has not been exposed to any person (just the cleaing lady who comes to the house for 3 days in a week) but the cleaning lady had been in distance with mom and had not touched her as she has to travel by bus so the cleanign lady had been expiosed to any germs out. The cleanign lady lives by the day whcih it means she earns her salary the days she come to work, if she does nto come she is not get paid.

The thing is my sister had been stressing out my brother and me and mom telling us each day the things we need to do for precautions. I mean we watch TV in our homes and keep ourselves informed. My sister believes we dont. She does not live in our house to know how we run things. My sister is most concern for mom like I said. My mom is nto sick now from anything thank God. My brother and I are doing the necessary things to keep our mom at home and safe in our way. My sister belives we are not doing enough (rememebnr she does not lvie in our house but she is lectuting us in how things need to be done)

She is getting stressed and paranoid and she is making me feel the same way at the same time. She is concerned for our mom mostly and she had advised us "Not go out to the hosue to buy groceries and if you go out stay there at least 10 minutes".
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I know this virus is a serious thing and my brotehr and I are not getting out of the house jsut for if we really have to go out to buy some thigns we really need in the house. My sister advised us not to even do that and get sucked at home.
My sister is getting paranoid with this virus and she is making me paranoid and tense as well, What should I do?
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