Will the world be a kinder place after Coronavirus?

I know we are seeing negativity everywhere, but I’ve been quarantined with my children due to my eldest having a temperature and cough, and the amount of people that have been so kind to me and my little family, I’ve had people leaving bags of shopping outside my door ( who I don’t know they’ve just offered out of pure kindness) people have dropped throngs for the letter box for children to do colouring. I have received
So much love from people. It’s been so overwhelming it’s left me in tears at times. One of my local Costa coffee shops closed down yesterday and they put together bags of food with pastries, cakes, sandwiches, I actually burst out crying it was so kind, if I could of hugged them all I would of. I pray the world becomes a better place, and walk out of more grateful for our every day to day life.

Stay safe GaGers! I hope no one has lost anyone close to them :( I will be so grateful if I walk out of this thing with the same people I entered into with <3
Will the world be a kinder place after Coronavirus?
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