Do you think Trump's idea of opening the country back up in weeks, is a good thing?

I personally think it’s bad, locking down is needed for about 1-2 months because it will slow it down and less people will die. If the virus is not contained millions of Americans will die.

Remember that every citizen in the UK, France, Italy is protected by the national healthcare system, but in America tens of millions are not.

America will be the worst hit country by far by deaths.

Unless of course you care about the economics, which you are correct about because the UK has agreed to pay 80% of all wages while under lockdown while the US economy is simply not built for that sort of support.

Depends on what you want to be honest
Good we need to protect the economy
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Bad it will result in more people dying
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1 y
My mistake, the death rate is not 12%, it is 14%.

Look at the below, you look at the death rate for the resolve cases, not the death against total. The unresolved will still die
1 y
Have you guys questioned why European or Asian countries some far smaller than the US by economy and Budget can afford to pay 80% of its salaries till this is over, with benefits to businesses at the same time, but all the US can do is a one time payment of nothing?

Have you guys questioned your own govenrments ability to protect its own citizens?

The self destructive nature of ordinary citizens befuddles me.
1 y
To all the guys that said the. Punter can’t be shut down.

Here is the reason why. The deaths are rising like crazy.

Yes the economy needs to be balanced but lives are at stake here. A few thousand dying is not realistic. It’s hundreds of thousands maybe millions.

Let’s get this over and done with shall we so we can move on
Do you think Trump's idea of opening the country back up in weeks, is a good thing?
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