How do you survive during quarantine?

So I've literally been home for more than 20 days and i am soooo tired. I can't tell what day it is anymore, i have nothing to do, some times i read a book or watch a movie but everything is so boring now. I sleep very late (literally in the morning) and i struggle to sleep because i do nothing that tire me just eats and takes a shit, and when i sleep i can sleep for more than 12 hours straight cuz NOTHING motivates me to wake up.
I used to go to my university, go to the gym, eat with friends, go shopping, party and go places, but now what !! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

I am going crazy, and i think anymore than this I'll get serious depression.

I really wanna know how you do it, how you motivate yourself/keep yourself busy and productive?

Serious advices please..
1 y
Yesss, i totally envy them too, they just know how to deal with this pandemic when us extroverts are screaming in pain. Anymore than this and i think I'll somehow explode like a balloon. My bro is a total introvert and he is spending his days normally like any other day of his life, playing on playstation, holding his phone 24/7While am laying on the couch looking half dead like a thousand yo zombie or sth.
1 y
Sorry this update was supposed to be a comment lol.👆🏻
How do you survive during quarantine?
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