Who's ready to for Titanic Day?

So who is ready for Titanic Day this year?

For all of those who are saying "wtf" is Titanic Day, you are not alone. It's a "holiday" that I'm trying to to make popular.

Titanic Day occurs every April 14th and April 15th (I break it down into Titanic Day Part 1 for the 14th and Titanic Day Part 2 for the 15th) and it commemorates the sinking of the Titanic on April 14th 1912 and April 15th 1912.

For all of the Titanic nerds out there, who like to know when the events on the ship happened, I'm going to provide the times when she hit the ice berg and when she sunk, but this is converted into present-day times (with Daylight Savings Time, which they didn't have back in 1912), and are the times in New York. Titanic Time is the time that they kept onboard the ship, which they changed every day, based on their location in the ocean. I did not come up with these time conversions, but these times are the result of many Titanic experts (not me, lol) doing years and years of research.

In the Modern World (With Daylight Savings Time): NY time is 1 hour, 2 minutes behind Titanic Time.

10:38pm New York time = 11:40pm Titanic Time - When she struck the iceberg.

1:18am New York time = 2:20am Titanic Time - When she completely sunk.

Happy (not so happy) Titanic Day!!!

Don't forget to use #TitanicDay on your social media, just for the hell of it.
Whos ready to for Titanic Day?
Whos ready to for Titanic Day?
Whos ready to for Titanic Day?
Who's ready to for Titanic Day?
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