Why are people so against “cancel culture”?

I feel like 99% of the time the person deserves to be canceled. Occasionally it’s something stupid but most of the time there’s a valid reason. Recently lots of people have bern exposed for having racist pasts and some actors/celebrities have even lost their jobs. Honestly I think it’s especially fair when it’s a social media star. people always say “ oh they were younger when they said that” or “ it was years ago they’ve changed!” But the thing is I’ve never seen someone get exposed from when they were under the age of 15 and I’ve known better since before middle school ( I’m black so maybe white kids learn later) Like that Emma chamberlain thing if you know who she is... how the hell do you not know pulling your eyes a certain way is racist to Asian people. Like I’m almost positive she knew unless she’s been living under a rock
Why are people so against “cancel culture”?
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