Armed During Protesting: Safe or Inciting Danger?

During a "BLM" protest, several protesters were purposely stopping in front of traffic to promote their cause.
While one group of 10 protesters had a cooperating vehicle stopped, one of the protest members, who was wearing a "Black Lives Matter" Covid-type mask, pulled out a 9 mm gun (real, plastic, or unknown) and aims it at the inside of the SUV, threatening the occupants from the passenger side of the car, in clear view of the local news camera. In response, the driver starts honking the horn, starts to give the car gas, and carefully as they can, try to clear away from the other unsuspecting members, while avoiding the possibility of getting shot at point-blank by this possible gunman.
Have the protest gotten to the point where unsuspected shooting of individuals are just days away?
Armed During Protesting: Safe or Inciting Danger?
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