They have just finished a COVID-19 Vaccine (in 18 months) would you take it?

My background's medical/pharmacy. They are trying to push this vaccine for 18 months.

Pharmaceutical medications - which a vaccine is - are supposed to go through processes. Stages. This is to ensure the SAFETY of the people receiving it. PROPERLY conducted new medications on average go through pre-clinical for THREE & A HALF YEARS. And that's BEFORE they even start trying it on people.

Phase 1 - is on average ONE YEAR of minor clinical trials
Phase 2 - slightly larger clinical trials - is on average TWO YEARS.
Phase 3 - final largest clinical trials - is on average THREE YEARS.

After this the drug goes through FDA review & consideration which takes about on average TWO & A HALF YEARS.

So you are taking a process that requires at least TEN YEARS - there are few exceptions to this but there's criteria to meet on that too - and are trying to stuff it into EIGHTEEN MONTHS. Some drugs may seem fast-tracked such as those offered in cancer hospitals (often Phase 3 clinical trials) but don't think for a second they haven't gone through the proper procedures first.

And this push for a vaccine is also troubling when:
There's an indication it won't work too well for seniors (the predominant victims),
There are other vaccines/medications with varying success in combating COVID-19,
COVID-19 itself is not a serious threat to the general population but to select groups
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1 y
Phase 1 through 3 clinical / try on people phases.
They have just finished a COVID-19 Vaccine (in 18 months) would you take it?
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