Are you near any wildfires at the moment?

I live about 10-20 minutes away from where the Bobcat Fire (California) is. Hopefully we won't eventually have to evacuate. 😳

I hope you're all staying as safe as possible. ❤
I live near one of the wildfires that are going on right now
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I don't live near any wildfires
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I know nothing about any wildfires
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1 mo
So far, the sky is much clearer, but it's still pretty smokey out.
1 mo
I recieved a "potential evacuation" warning about an hour ago. 😳 I believe this is the last time I'm allowed to add an update here (for now), but hopefully everything turns out alright. I'll add another update whenever I'm allowed to do so. 🧡💙
Are you near any wildfires at the moment?
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