Why do people mellow out as age passes?

My psychologist several years ago told me that, but is that true for most people? She told me that most people tend to become less impulsive, less agressive, less explosive and I understand from her that people tend to become more "robotic" and "machine - like" as they age. Why?

I have a theory from elderly people. For exemple my father is almost 77 years old. On average any person of his age knows that they will not live much longer, given the fact that most people here in Brazil do not reach 90 years old. It seens to be pretty rare here in Rio de Janeiro. So elderly people will naturallly care less about everyday problems not only because of that but also because they also lived a lot and got through many problems, deceptions and stressful situations. So it is like their personality created some sort of ''force field" agains strong emotions and explosive behavior. It is like to say that these people are "used" to situations that would make any young person mad and depressed.

Another theory that might make sense is biological. Science says that hormone levels decrease with age, and because of this the hormones might also have less effect in people's brains with age as well. That is where I meant that people becomes more "machine - like" as decades pass.

I am 28 years old. I consider myself more patient and less anxious nowadays than when I was 20 years old. That is a good thing. Having deceptions in life has good sides.

It is possible that becoming mellow with age is just an impression and temperament really cannot change at all throuout life. For exemples my parents have a somewhat explosive and stressful temperament since I was a child. However it is possible that I cannot remember anymore because it was many years ago and I don`t remember their bahavior with full detail.
Why do people mellow out as age passes?
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