Spitting on my face thinking I was cheating?

I don’t really know how to handle this situation. I’ve been with my boyfriend now almost a year. I never cheated on him but at the beginning when it wasn’t official I met up with other guys and also maybe the first month still flirted with others because it was always for me like that and I’ve never been in a relationship where the guy was this serious, I guess at least. That’s why I couldn’t grasp the seriousness.

He always thinks I cheat on him and looks through my phone when I’m not there. And he found messages from last year thinking it was from now. He literally walked away from but I tried to hold him up to speak but he spit on my face while we were arguing.
everyone on the street saw that it was humiliating but finally I could show the proof. He wants to talk to me. I feel sick how he could do that? Plus he wrote this guy with who I didn’t speak over a year.
Spitting on my face thinking I was cheating?
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