Are You Sad About the Death of This COVID Anti-Vaxxer?

Hillsong Church global senior pastor Brian Houston announced the death of Stephen Harmon (34), who attended Hillsong in California, on social media this week.

Prior to saying he was infected with Covid-19, Harmon made two posts on Twitter on June 3 in which he parodied Jay-Z's "99 Problems" lyrics -- saying he had 99 problems but "a vax" wasn't one.

Just over a month later, Harmon had pneumonia as a result of Covid-19 infection and was sitting in a hospital bed in a Covid ward, according to his Instagram posts.

He had been hospitalized with Covid-19 complications since at least June 30, according to his social media posts. Throughout his hospitalizations, social media posts show that Harmon kept in frequent contact with Houston.

Even while in a hospital, Harmon was adamant that he would not receive the vaccine, posting he wasn't "anti-vax" but was "pro information."

"i'm not against it, i'm just not in a rush to get it," he wrote in a July 8 Instagram post. "Ironically, as I continue to lay here... in my covid ward isolation room fighting off the virus and pneumonia."

He added he wouldn't get a vaccine even after recovery.

"Biden's door to door vaccine 'surveyors' really should be called JaCovid Witnesses. #keepmovingdork," Harmon wrote the same day on Twitter.

On Friday, after his death was announced, Harmon's Instagram account was made private.
Yes. I am also an anti-vaxxer, so this hits home.
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Are You Sad About the Death of This COVID Anti-Vaxxer?
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