Did the supreme court just sell out USA?

Alright, alright, I know this might not be on many peoples radar so ill explain the situation briefly.

So there was a Trump era policy coming from the "Migrant Protection Protocols" commonly known as the "Remain in Mexico". This essentially means that the government can push Immigrants applying for Asylum back into Mexico while their application is being processed. We are not going to talk about the absolute failure of this program or the people who where physically armed directly because of it nor how it was not really in effect by the end.

What is important is that while it in essence started and ended during Trumps tenure it has been officially stopped by Biden recently. After this happened a lower court ruled that Biden had to reinstate this policy. Why and the specifics of this case is irrelevant. What is relevant is that Biden went to the supreme court and asked them to postpone it until the case was settled. The supreme court ruled against Biden.

Now this is a shock. Traditionally the Supreme court does not interfere in foreign policy and for very good reason. The strange turn of events has resulted in a scenario where USA dont really know what to do anymore since the Supreme court has forced the government to conform with a policy that requires the cooperation of another government.
Did the supreme court just sell out USA?
If Mexico refuses to cooperate.. then what? Quite frankly we dont know. That also gives Mexico EXTREME bargaining powers. What could they ask for in return for cooperating? 10 trillion dollars? I mean they could essentially demand anything at this point and there is a good chance that USA will have to cough it up. Would it not be funny if Mexico asked to be given the entire state of Texas in return for cooperating with this policy?

This is WILD. So what do you think will happen? At this point your speculations are about as valid as any expert since none have any idea.
Did the supreme court just sell out USA?
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