What if in real our gender change for few days? What will you do?

Thanks Gag for April fool joke n back to normal 😂 😂 other wise have to deal with blue anons instead of pink

Why do girls always gossip about me?

I’m a cashier at this grocery and this guy was with his girlfriend. I heard her getting ready to say something about how I look then she...

Why it so much about looks?

I have slept with a lot of very beautiful women in my life, some of them have been supermodels and i won't appologise for that. I know i...

What do you think of who I truly am?

You don't know who I really am. To you, I may seem like a 16-year-old girl from Britain, but what you don't know about me is... This is...

My dog’s dick cheese is stuck on the ceiling?

So he nutted today and when he did, he did a backflip and now his dick cheese is stuck on the ceiling. I tried to scrape it off but it’s...

How can I become the best troll in the world?

I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was

Could I be pregnant? Need ur advice pls help me?

I've lived with my boy for 7 years. I love him to bits, he's so loyal and cannot imagine my life without him. He's always had a kink...


Do you think people may not be trolling and instead asking/venting what they actually wanted to ask/vent under 'trolling' without intending to troll?

Like alleging ridiculous accusations against others, ranting, whining, letting their true grudges out, making false stories, creating...

Is being a guy gay?

Because you’re literally in a dude’s body and that’s pretty fucking gay.

How many divorces does it take for men to realize that marriage is legal robbery of men's money, that is beneficial to only women and businesses?

Let the trolling commence now that we can. i just hope the admins aren't that much of social justice warriors.

Would anyone be generous enough to donate to my charity?

It's the "Help Zeus's Lightning Bolt Travel The World Foundation" Before you say NO, here me out. I make educational travel videos for...

Does wenis size matter? How do you measure it?

I’m not looking for validation. I feel like I personally have a pretty average-size wenis, but friends of mine have really large...

Are women crazy?

I could have sworn but i used to be a man and just today I'm suddenly a woman but I'm not crazy.